Creating a Female Sleuth

Creating a Female Sleuth - the reader knows the main idea...

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Sean Quigley AP English 2A 11/15/11 Creating a Female Sleuth Comprehension: 4. Her unbreakable rules are, know the solution and keep the plot flexible. These rules are unbreakable because the plot could become very confusing if you do not follow them. Purpose and Audience: 1. I think that readers 25 years ago, especially women readers would be more excited to read about a female detective because it would not be as common then as it is nowadays 2. Muller does expect her audience to be familiar with conventions of a detective story. You can tell this because she uses very specific details or jargon such as the words, sleuth and whodunit. 3. The character she wanted to read about did not exist, so she would have to create her. Mueller states her thesis in paragraph 3, she places in the essay early enough that she will be able to give some background before stating he thesis but it is still near the beginning of the essay that
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Unformatted text preview: the reader knows the main idea before getting to far into the essay. Style and Structure: 1. The process begins in the fourth paragraph, directly after the thesis. She signals to her reader that the process is starting by directly saying, “The process of creating my sleuth…” 2. The major stages of Mueller mentions are, Apply larger than life qualities, know the solution, keep the plot flexible, and control the plot. 3. In order to guide her readers through the process Muller by using transitional expressions such as, in years that followed, on the other hand, now, with this in mind, second, and during. Vocabulary Projects: Sean Quigley AP English 2A 11/15/11 2. Some other words that are traditionally associated with detective stories such as, .38 special, private investigator, and heroine. They add some complexity to the essay because they may not be terms most people are familiar with....
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Creating a Female Sleuth - the reader knows the main idea...

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