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Comprehension: 1. By saying, being an only daughter in a family of six sons “explains everything”. She is explaining that being the only daughter can explain a lot about what she went through as a child because she lived with 6 boys. 2. The distinction between the two paragraphs is that in one she explains that as the only daughter her brothers looked down on her and she ended up spending a lot of her time alone. But being only a daughter her dad looked down on her and thought that she would have no future of her own and would rely on a husband. 3. One of the advantages of being an only child for Cisneros is that the time she would be spending with her siblings she spends alone working on her writing. Another advantage is that her father sends her to college where she can really improve on her writing, even though the main purpose of her being there is to find a good husband. 4. The purpose of Cisneros going to college was so that she could meet a man that would have a good job. She did not end up getting a husband in college; therefore her dad saw
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