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Just Walk on By Comprehension: 1. Staples used the term victim very sarcastically. He says she is a victim because she probably feels like she is in a situation where something bad might happen to her. The only reason she thinks she may become a victim is because of the appearance of Staples. 2. When he says this he is referring to how he can completely change the atmosphere of an environment by simply just physically being there. He can make people in front of him run by walking behind them or make people in cars lock their cars by being on the same street as them. Purpose and Audience: 1. His thesis in this essay was “It was… I’d come into – the ability to alter public space in ugly ways.” He implies it in his second paragraphs and exemplifies it in the rest of his essay.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Staples uses a combination of logical and emotional to appeal to his readers. In the majority of the essay Staples uses emotional, but he also uses logical at times, Women are particularly venerable to street violence, and young black males are drastically overrepresented among perpetrators of that violence. 4. In his first sentence he is abstractly trying to let his audience know that because he becomes a bad guy and when people are in his presence they tend to react as if they could become potential victims. He does a very good job exemplifying this point throughout his essay....
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