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Make That a Double - embarrassment because there no way to...

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Sean Quigley AP English 2A 11/2/11 Make That a Double Comprehension: 1. The two kinds of French spoken are the hard kind and the easy kind. The hard kind requires the conjugation of more verbs than necessary and the easy kind is when they scream in English at the top of their lungs. 2. The reason why gender of nouns is such a stumbling block is because ever single noun is designed a gender. Even things not related to gender at all, like land masses, are assigned a gender and this can get very confusing. 5. He begins using the plural to everything because it does not involve gender. It reduces the
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Unformatted text preview: embarrassment because there no way to mistake the gender if it no longer has a gender. Purpose and Audience: 3. The main purpose of this essay is to entertain. While it is very humorous and entertaining I also learned something that I didn’t already know about the French language. Style and Structure: 3. Sedaris indicated in his paragraphs how difficult and pointless assigning gender to all nouns is and also tell about his techniques to learn and get around saying them. He uses humorous examples to draw the attention of the reader....
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