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Social norm - 99 cent cone and pulled up to the window to...

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Sean Quigley AP psych 2B 09/21/11 Social norm The definition of social norm is an expected form of behavior in a given situation. So obviously the assignment of breaking a social norm meant to do something out of the ordinary. What I did to break my social norm was go “Coning”. Coning as defined by urban dictionary is the act of buying an ice cream cone through a drive-through and grabbing it by the ice cream itself not the cone. On Friday after school I went to the McDonalds on independence near butler. I ordered a
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Unformatted text preview: 99 cent cone and pulled up to the window to get my ice cream. The normal way to grab an ice cream cone is to grab the bottom cone part. There is no rule stating that you are required to grab an ice cream cone by the cone but it has just become a “social norm” because it is a more efficient way to carry ice cream. When I grabbed the cone by the ice cream part the worker was shocked and yelled “OH MY GOD!” I just drove away like nothing happened and it was completely normal....
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