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The Catbird Seat Comp: 1. After his incident he basically becomes a new race. He understands that now that he is in a wheel chair he will get different treatment in everything that he does. 3. He considers those “even uppers” because they more or less balance out all of the negative effects of being disabled. P and A: 1. Birnhaum assumes that his readers believe that handicap people have terrible life and there is nothing good about being in a wheelchair. He uses examples to show that contrary to popular belief, there is an upside to being disabled.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Birnhaum’s purpose for writing this essay was to inform the reader that for all of the negatives that come with being disabled there are also positives. There is also a humorous and entertaining factor to this essay. S and S: 4. The first part of the essay and the last part both represent the fact that people with different circumstances are treated differently. Vocabulary Projects: 3. Birnhaum uses this term very ironically. He expresses the chair as having super powers and able to transform peoples beliefs about you....
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