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Sean Quigley AP English 2A 11/30/11 The Embalming of Mr. Jones In the essay “The Embalming of Mr. Jones” the author expresses her opinion on the embalming process. She refers to it as an UNnecessary evil. She makes an attack on the confidentiality of the process as a whole. Mitford’s purpose is conveyed through a mocking and judgmental tone, sarcasm and loaded diction, and the process genre itself. In this essay the author uses a good deal of sarcasm and loaded language. She begins her essay by saying that “Embalming is indeed the most extraordinary procedure…” On the surface it may seem that she may be complimenting the embalming process, but when you read further and realize her position on the topic you become conscious that she was using sarcasm. She also uses a multitude of loaded language. A few examples of the loaded diction that she uses include, “Blissfully ignorant, docility, intractable reticence, and loath. All of this use of sarcasm and
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Unformatted text preview: loaded language reveals the authors mocking and judgmental tone. The Genre of this essay is process writing. This essay describes a particular series of events in detail in the off the record process of embalming. She uses clear and logical transitions between tasks. This however is not written as a set of instructions that are meant to be repeated, but rather an explanation of a usually unquestioned process. She is not trying to directly persuade the writer, but rather stating the facts of what happens during the embalming process. The process Genre conveys Mitfords purpose. Mitford wrote this essay to reveal the secrets of the embalming process. She is very abstract with her position on Embalming, at first glance you may even think that she is pro-embalming, but all of the positivity towards embalming is sarcastic. She leaves it up to the reader to develop their own opinion about the topic....
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