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Sean Quigley AP English 2A 11/28/11 The Embalming of Mr. Jones Purpose and Audience: 4. This subjective tone grabs my attention more than an objective tone would. I wouldn’t say it makes me trust her more, but it definitely makes me more interested in the essay to learn hear opinion on this subject. Style and Structure: 3. Her thesis is that many people do not know about the embalming process. She does a good job of showing this by introducing many terms that are unknown to people not involved in
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Unformatted text preview: the embalming community. 5. In an era, the body is first, another, to return, the next step, now, next, are all examples of transitions that the author uses in this essay. 6. She uses sarcasm when she explains that an embalmer likes when someone dies of carbon monoxide, because it exaggerates the natural pink color. This language lightens the mood of a serious topic, therefore making it more readable....
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