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The Peter Principal - group of experts Style and Structure...

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Sean Quigley AP English 2A 10/23/11 The Peter Principal Comprehension: 2. The Peter Principal is “In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise his level of incompetence.” Once they reach their level of incompetence they fail to accomplish work successfully. 3. Hierarchilogy is the study of hierarchies. When he studied the contemporary versions of hierarchies he noticed trends which led him to the Peter Principal. Purpose and Audience: 1. This essay is aimed at a general audience. I know this because he does not use a lot of jargon and also his tone makes it seem as he is talking to the general public and not a select
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Unformatted text preview: group of experts. Style and Structure: 1. The reason why Peter and Hull give examples at the beginning of their essay and before they introduce the typical case histories is to give the reader a better understanding so that when they are told the definition it is much easier to understand and envision. 2. The reason why Peter and Hull say that they had collected hundreds of case histories is to show that they had put a lot of effort and time into studying this phenomenon. The three typical examples are the most relatable and understandable of the group....
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