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The way to Rainy Mountain

The way to Rainy Mountain - insight of his grandmothers...

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Sean Quigley AP English 2A 10/19/11 “The way to Rainy Mountain” Comprehension: 1. The title of this essay is The Way to Rainy Mountain . The significance of this essays title is that when Momaday was returning to Rainy Mountain to visit his grandmother’s grave, he begins recall memories of his grandmother. Purpose and Audience: 1. While Momaday expresses a lot of emotion in his essay, I think that this also has another purpose. I believe that he is also writing this as a tribute to his dead grandmother. 3. Momaday includes the Legend of the devils towers to inform the audience a little bit about the culture of his grandmother. He uses this example as a passage to give more
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Unformatted text preview: insight of his grandmothers Native American life. Style and Structure: 1. Momaday starts the essay by giving a description of Rainy Mountain, he does this to give the reader some background on where his grandmother lived and died. 2. Momaday structures his essay by arranging the details by putting them in order from least important to most important. He starts out by giving details of Rainy Mountain and ends with the memories he has of her. 3. Momaday ends the essay by giving a description of his grandmother saying her prayers. I think he does this to show that his grandmother is a spiritual woman and she will be going to have a positive afterlife....
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