ISS_210_FS11_Take_Home_Exam - ISS 210, Sec 001 & 006,...

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Unformatted text preview: ISS 210, Sec 001 & 006, FS11 Name:__________________________ Take Home Exam PID:____________________________ Dr. Cyrus Stewart 1. Techniques of influence and persuasion are common in everyday life and vary in their impact or potency. The difference in the power of these mechanisms depends upon the degree to which they are consciously recognized, for when they are recognized, it is almost impossible to resist them. 2. Our study of the impact of persuasion on peoples thoughts and behaviors clearly indicates how ascendant the personality is, relative to the social context, in terms of determining the content of analytical thought, critical decision making and interpersonal relationships. 3. While we have spent a great deal of time in the study of the mechanisms of influence and persuasion, in reality they are only impactful when we are engaged in the process of conscious decision making. When we are concerned with the development of beliefs, values, thoughts, and behaviors of individuals and groups, influence and persuasion play only a minor role in causation. 4. When we combine the ever-accelerating pace and information/communication crush of technological society with the increasingly frequent development of confusion, transitional stresses, and uncertainty, it can be seen why automatic and noncritical compliance is expected to become ever more frequent. 5. Many people confuse fixed action patterns (FAP) with instinctual behavior for they can be intricate patterns of behavior that usually work with effectiveness and efficiency. A major distinction between FAPs and instincts is that FAPs are learned, are responsive to a wide range of trigger features, and are consequently quite flexible. 6. It is generally agreed that when we find ourselves in a confusing situation that demands immediate decision making and assertive behaviors, engaging in FAP is hard to resist. Such automatic thoughts and behaviors are particularly likely in situations that are of personal significance to the individual involved. 7. Anything can be made to appear different depending on the nature of events that precede it. Specifically, the way we see the difference between two things that are presented in serial fashion can be enhanced if the second item is fairly different from the first. Under these conditions, the second item will be seen as more different than it actually is. 8. Cross-cultural research confirms the universality of the consequences of receiving benefits from another. This universality extends to the reaction of receiving benefits such that, in all cultures, there are strong desires to repay quickly and in kind so that all reciprocal obligations are completely fulfilled....
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ISS_210_FS11_Take_Home_Exam - ISS 210, Sec 001 & 006,...

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