Unit 4 - -Vitamin D synthesis of vitamin D takes place in the skin made from cholestoral uses energy in ultra-violet light sunlight-Is min/day of

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Sources - nutrient dense foods are the best sources - whole foods, - processing tends to remove nutrients - balanced intake - very little toxicity risk - supplements don’t replace foods - hard to balance intake with supplements - supplements don’t really have any trace minerals - toxicity risk. - Hurts iron absorption - Widespread distribution - Some in limited distribution. - Panathenic acid: means everywhere - Biotin, phosphorus. - Some B vitamins. - Iron, calcium deficiency are most common. Also vitamin b-12 - Pro-vitamin (precursor): vitamin A, retinol is the active form, cerotinoids are the precursors, b-carotene. - Niacin: precuror, amino acid tryptaphan. - Fat soluble. - Retinol: mostly comes from milk - Beta-cerateen. - Dark green leafy veggies are also good sources of beta-cerateen.
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Unformatted text preview: -Vitamin D: synthesis of vitamin D, takes place in the skin, made from cholestoral, uses energy in ultra-violet light, sunlight. -Is min/day of hands/face-Depends on latitude and the season. -Vitamin d deficiency higher in northern latitude, farther from equator. -Skin pigmentation: -Vitamin D stores pretty well. You can store it from Sun in summer and live off it during the winter. -Food sources-Fish oils, eggs, milk-UV light cuts both ways.-Skin cancer risk from uv exposure-Dark pigment is melanin. Formed in melanosites. -Basal and squamacell skin cancer. Not that severe unless they are not treated. -Melanoma: most severe skin cancer. Cancer of melanosites....
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