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Unformatted text preview: Dreams & Psychoanalysis March 4, 2010 Defense Mechanisms • • • Denial - “it won’t happen to me” • Reaction Formation- “Killing with kindness” • • Projection- “Pot calling the kettle black” Displacement - “kicking the dog” Rationalization - “I didn’t want that job anyway” Sublimation- useful redirection Jung’s Unconscious • Collective Unconscious- storehouse of archaic remnants from humankind’s evolutionary past • what human nature really is Archetypes • Archetypes- universal patterns of predispositions that structure how all humans consciously and unconsciously adapt to their world • • inherited somewhat flexible templates • “Dreams are never concerned with trivialities: we do not allow our sleep to be disturbed by trifles”. - Freud Revealing Unconscious • Dream Analysis • • interpret dream content to reveal unconscious • Manifest v. Latent Content dreaming serves three purposes • • • 1. Wish Fulfillment/Gratification of Desires 2. Release tension 3. guardian of sleep Symbolism in Dreams Dreams By Sigmund Freud • • Since dreams are in the unconscious, the Since conscious person should not be able to interpret them. interpret • symbols are stable Symbols Symbols • What are things usually representative of? • • • • Human Body Parents, Siblings Birth and Death Nakedness Object Symbol for what? Object • House Human Body • • • • • • • Smooth Walls Male Body Projections or Balconies Female Body Royalty (Kings, Queens, etc.) Parents Small Animals or Vermin Siblings Water Birth Departure (train journey, trip) Death Clothes and Uniforms Nakedness Sexual Life Sexual • • • • Majority of symbols in dreams are sexual Pubic Hair woods, bushes Male genitals as a whole The “male organ” (#3) • Things that resemble it in shape-- Sticks, Things Umbrellas Umbrellas • Things that penetrate into bodies-- Knives, Things Rifles Rifles • Objects from which water flow-- Water-taps, Objects Fountains Fountains Sexual Symbols Cont. Sexual • Things that defy the laws of gravity erection • • Balloons, Airplanes, Flying in general Other random things • • Reptiles, Fishes, Snakes Overcoats, Hats, Cloaks Sexual Symbols for Females Females • Female Genitals • Things that enclose other things- Bottles, Things Boxes, Trunks, Ships Boxes, • • Things that have openings- Doors, Gates Materials and Objects made from them • • Wood Tables Paper Books Paper Females cont. • • Animals • • Snails Mussels Buildings • • Churches Chapels Female breasts Apples, peaches, fruit in Apples, general general Other symbols Jewel-cases Treasures The dream of the jewelcase • the dream: “A house was on fire. My father was standing beside my head and woke me up. I dressed myself quickly. Mother wanted to stop and save her jewel-case; but father said “I refuse to let myself & my 2 children be burnt for the sake of your jewel-case.” We hurried downstairs and as soon as I was outside I woke up”. Dream Analysis • • Fire = “fiery” sexual advances of herr K jewel case = genitals • Herr K’s attempt to make Dora’s jewelcase his own (sex) • Dora’s wishes to 1) escape his love and 2) give in Dream Analysis • Manifest- consciously seen & known • Latent - hidden in unconscious; must be discovered 4 Methods of Dream Analysis • Condensation- dream compresses several latent elements into one manifest image or theme • Displacement - shift of emphasis in dream one source to a safer source • Symbolism- concrete images & actions have hidden but common meanings • Secondary revision- dreamer unconsciously smoothes over dream’s rough spots, ambiguities, edits dream into coherent story/narrative Jungian Dream Analysis • • Importance of symbols • Identification of archetypal themes & universal myths Dreams announce future situations or events Current Dream Research • Our dreams are structured narratives that recapitulate the day’s events • Learning-Reconsolidation Process • test out new knowledge; figure out what we may need to know Current Dream Research • Dreams as self-fulfilling prophecies • Dreams are a form of night-Time Survival Training Smoking in Dreams • 33% of Abstinent smokers dream of smoking • 97% of these smokers did not dream about smoking until they quit • dreaming of smoking was related to maintaining abstinence Psychoanalysis • Transference: Patient relives conflicts with significant people in his/her life with the therapist • Analyst must be neutral but communicate some warmth • • analyst must be healthier than client Resistance- patients unconscious obstacles to progress How long? How much? much? • 4 to 5 times per week $110-$175 • $110-$175 • 3 to 5 years • ====$51,480 Criticisms • • • • Excessive Complexity • vague definitions Case-Study method Un-testability Sexism ...
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