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Questions from narratives to add to study guide: 1. What are the life seasons (and corresponding ages) according to Levinson? Early Adult Transition (17-22) Adult World (22-28) Settling Down (early 30s) Boom (35-39) Midlife Transition (40-45) Middle Adulthood (50-60) Late Adulthood Transition (60-65) 2. Define script. Define commitment script. Define nuclear script. Script: set of rules for interpreting, creating, enhancing a family of related scenes Commitment Script: positive Nuclear Script: Negative 3. Define narrative identity. Define identity configuration. Narrative Identity: internalized and evolving story of the self
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Unformatted text preview: Identity Configuration: integrate roles into coherent whole 4. What is the redemptive theme? Redemptive Theme: correlate positively with life satisfaction and negatively with depression 5. What are the six standards of a good life story? Explain each standard. Coherence Openness Credibility Differentiation Reconciliation Generative Integration 6. What are the two criteria that help aids writing to be beneficial to health (Pennbakers work on trauma-writing)? The degree of negative emotion expressed The extent to which a traumatic events is reconstructed as well-formed story...
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