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Exam #1 Outline - Cost Flows in a Manufacturing...

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Review Outline for Exam#1 CCAM Fall Semester 2011 Number next to the outline areas indicate the number of multiple choice  questions from each learning objective. Chapter 1 Internal Control-3 Ethics-2 Fraud-4 Chapter 2:   Managerial Accounting Vs Financial-2 Decision making process-1 Cost Definitions-2 Chapter 3:   Period vs. Product Costs-1 & 1 matching
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Unformatted text preview: Cost Flows in a Manufacturing Company-2 & 1 Problem • Direct Materials, Direct Labor, Manufacturing Overhead-4 Chapter 4: • Variable and Fixed Costs-2 & 1 Problem • • Cost Behavior and Decisions-3 • • Estimating Mixed Costs-4 & 1 Essay • • Impact of Income taxes-1 30 Multiple Choice 2 Exercises- 1matching, 1 essay 2 problems...
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