ProblemsolvingD3 - C11 You are playing right field forthe...

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Unformatted text preview: C11. You are playing right field forthe baseball team. YoUr team is up by one run in the bottom of the last inning of the game when a ground ball slips through the infield and comes straight toward you. As you pick up the ball 55 m from home plate. you see a runner rounding third base and heading for home with the tying run. You throw the ball at an angle of 343‘“ above the horizontal with just the right speed so that the ball is caught by the catcher, standing on home plate, at the same height as you threw it. As you release the ball, the runner is Eflfl m from home plate and running full speed at 3.0 mjs. IWill the ball arriye in time for your team’s catcher to make the tag and win the game? {P4118} __"n. II. IP13: A if g. |ark/- 1 VI of menu”? the? HEM/I}an I“: “deft egg- 7X0?” fife? Vfirtme‘y’ ,IL _ £32m _ T Jamar F '2 “L3 5 q._ =-..._ H" ha. 1' 'HJ s Va. I,_‘- I'. R 2‘32 fig .. r 5/ In Air-X .'I I ." I ' I ': _.;* / Pm .' r". J. In! fig; II w’. -_._/ JI 3 q: I .9. a a I _ To L. __ u it up .1 I,» y Vuj- 1" “4e _ Loft/18%: ha I; 1T. fylt/L'ilifi .-- M r71 xhbgtflfc.u?fls 4H3”; 1:4? fit” / / J K I I I- "—..F is .I' I -' ,4: In' . _ Ill I .- .a‘ "I ,n' . I I Jr I I Za'ififi. fin"— -”""*~*""5 Helmet-“ciao” so fat” that MPE-Lst'fi‘ls are, reL/L-ae 0% _HE&£:‘J'/ ’23?! La’.’ lint/l: filfi to dist/{J 9 r 1'“ in X DEVCLLJH FEE” Xr + Var “(3 2 {F j 3‘; u H" Vi = " 5, m .2. A; @ lhyfij'flaamah I P’w J. a. Q ' >19+L§£+L3tz4 :9 :[Vf*4 6-0 a h“ '5 f u @ (12. A motorcvcle daredevil wants to set a record for jumping over burning school buses. He has hired vein to help with the design. He intends to ride off a horizontal platform at 4:] mfs, cross the burning buses in a pit below him, then land on a ramp sloping down 20". It's ventr important that he not bounce when he hits the landing ramp because that could cause him to lose control and crash. rou immediater recognize that he won't bounce if his velocitv is parallel to the ramp as he touches down. This can be accomplished if the ramp is tangent to his trajectorv and if he lands right on the front edge of the ramp. There’s no room for error! That is, how far from the edge of the launching platform should the front edge if the landing ramp be horizontally.r and how far below it? There‘s clause in your contract that requires you to test your design before the hero goes on national television to set the record. {P434} —_5 V1 ' '6‘ Tr=-._—:':—‘—‘=‘ '—I -. ‘- an“. U. H“ .19..-.r’n.n._5 r _ ___> b. .| -_:I D" U“ " sc- v1 '— _'—s—L1— :- .3‘.-._~.:‘___.__ x; A f )D _.i “If-“‘9' '9‘ Iii f'i’l 'Cn'swt .-'-'»:- . {is} Mo; K a i ,f 1.! l. V . '_ IA - _‘l-H-:l r“ I v." “lair/JFIEF‘I“: fiat: l/fl [n I' "(L1 1 fij If}. K' 15: | f—* shrewd”; "figth date/"nine. K : TLHLG’_ ." .' h TIM-f 1""pr (_ 31 3:4 A IL; _.-' n .1 n a __ .u'; .Il' Ia" . ' ..-' fie—Lficai/ctcc {a woo-i“ ynjwl’wflwlt ST" t/Q is“? . “' ‘- “'5 Us: 13mg: 1:... at; £4 ,‘s-l '|'_"_‘ .'_'. {LTtJ/(‘J-‘lnl .ri: 1/1.. : PM I. j} n -_ s. Ls. : s wt»— us " _: u. _ a. .aL-HJ- _,'. “'r' ~—\ " -' n 1/9: l M ’y ' V Haj—U rJf I ' L? H .3 :— t I)" ." I'll..:rl::/; T T _,"I I; 4 II a J} Lei-‘5 Xv: n.+i ' - . lull i l ml ahp. 3s ...
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ProblemsolvingD3 - C11 You are playing right field forthe...

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