disc4 - Discussion Full Name(11 You have been hired to...

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Unformatted text preview: Discussion # Full Name: (11. You have been hired to design the interior of a special executive express elevator for a new office building. The elevator has all the latest safety features and will stop with an acceleration of QB in case of an emergency. The management wants a decorative lamp hanging from the unusually high ceiling of the elevator. You design a lamp which has three sections which hang one directly below the other. Each section is attached to the previous one by a single thin wire. The lamp is also attached to the ceiling by a single wire. Each section of the lamp weighs 7.0 N. Because the idea is to make each section appear that it is floating on air without support, you want to use the thinnest wire possible. Unfortunately the thinner the wire the weaker it is. To help you determine the thinnest wire that can be used for each stage of the lamp, calculate the tension force in each wire in case of an emergency stop. AT. 3 , my larcth 3 ecit/tcfltcw'yk . .._.—« ldenti and setu 40% : l’ “'1 \(\’\CL 3 I T,T1, : WlACL 3%;- mctx , Mel mo) Execute (40%2: \ / . ~ M‘s» owe. . T7) 3 m3 _k mm Cm“? who; JMML Magma/M Q ‘ ‘ a Tz rmflltmcc fin “WC” T2) ; k ‘ ’mec\’l’mg T3 3 0‘33 N T. zcmgrm“ “3" W” T. 1025 : liq-*3 T. 2 is. .1 m Ti : 3T3 , was) 'T‘ 2 9% M "M. Gummy mum sense. 72, mg. ‘ml Gm WP ) Ta 3‘05 £2 . email T 3% 3 whim/Leia. STACK, Mch L P «WW Q \ TM Evaluate ‘ l , ) l Eta, I mm 5 pk 19L x \o\l\ m mvmlfib XGLWQ‘E ‘ A wealt- Discussion # Full Name: 02. According to the free-body diagram, 3,) Write a realistic problem for which this is the correct free-body diagrams. Your problem should ask a question that can be answered with a value of position or velocity (such as "how far?” or "how fast”), and should give sufficient information to allow a solution. A. km W mm 09; CL . it is (pushgol ClmWLz/ocmd Oct an cm 60° Wm. M with 0c {cc 0*? 0'90 [\l. 3hr; obj‘w {m éLW WMSW Jib” with L 4.03 N MEET Jim loo)! u Mslifl 5W) a «tabla, b .59: bl ! V . ) ye yourpm team/0 cw \o\\\ Wu 0V: «at W% orb l0 beam . .1 Q (LWMRB ‘Ak A W9C K W h a . { hon,<§0’ I ‘fi‘e—W ‘ Small \& we W‘QWQWX wx, Asw/ \l' Cxtfeg‘q ii» (U? Wm s‘b Wofl‘3 (Lbe ~Wo3f 41%ka ‘ Fzmos igor x: ‘ Q00ualm§ ~ A.C\ : mCL -: Cu Since m 21:3 a: 107.42 run/5%L 71% bumflbs/ X; < X; up + 354+; Vi ti/lzélgjpoy” fie = $02!. 03 m ...
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disc4 - Discussion Full Name(11 You have been hired to...

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