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FN 3201 Money and Banking Fall 2008 Sept 22 and Sept 24 Interest and Credit I. Financial Mediation A. Benefits to savers B. Benefits to Borrowers C. Interest Rate Determination- Supply and Demand for Loanable Funds II. Changes in Interest Rates A. Changes in Demand B. Changes in Supply III. Central Bank Policy and Interest Rates A. Expansionary Policy B. Contractionary Policy
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Prime Rates and Subprime Rates V. Capital Gains and Losses on Securities A. Supply and Demand for Bonds B. Interest rates and Bond Values. V. Term Structure of Interest Rates A. Yield Curves B. Liquidity Preference Theory C. Expectations Theory D. Market Segmentation Theory E. Preferred Habitat Theory VI. Bank Interest rates Spreads...
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