FN 3201 Lecture Topics Sept 29, Oct 1, Oct 6, Oct 8

FN 3201 Lecture Topics Sept 29, Oct 1, Oct 6, Oct 8 - 2...

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FN 3201 Money and Banking Macroeconomic Coordination Sept 29, October 1 Micro Adjustments October 6 and October 8 I. Macro Coordination A. The Aggregate Expenditure Model: Adjustments in the Real Sector B. From AE Model to the IS curve C. The Loanable Funds Model: Adjustments in the Financial Sector D. From LF Model to the LM Curve E. IS-LM Model 1. Adjustments to Equilibrium
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Changes in Equilibrium due to IS shifts 3. Changes in Equilibrium due to LM shifts II. Micro Adjustments…Macro Adjustments and Prices A. The Representative Firm B. Increases in Demand C. Increases in Supply D. Decreases in demand E. Decreases in Supply F. Price Adjustments and the IS-LM Model...
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