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Current problem in kz - which in Russia was not. Rating...

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Abishova Akerke Economic problems in Kazakhstan, "more than serious" Unlike Kazakhstan, Russia was able to withstand the financial turbulence that has provoked years of the mortgage crisis in the U.S. . Russia could, because in Russia a lot more financial reserves, Russia's gold reserves - 425 billion, more than 40% of GDP, plus a stabilization fund, $ 150 billion and a budget surplus of 60 billion dollars. So that all the reserves of Russia, which in the hands of the state, is 60% of GDP, while Russia's foreign debt, including debts of all enterprises, banks, somewhere in the 35% of gross domestic product, it is not dangerous, In Kazakhstan, the reserves are much smaller, and debt - 100% of GDP, while the international standard, above which the debt is considered extremely dangerous - 60%, so the rating agencies have downgraded Kazakhstan and Kazakh banks did not one but two stages,
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Unformatted text preview: which in Russia was not. Rating Russia is growing, even in the face of this turbulence. Our central bank time to react to threats that emanated from the subprime mortgage crisis in the U.S., issued the liquidity of 2 trillion rubles (40 billion dollars), and extinguished. Some costs were increased by 1,2% mortgage, it is now in the 11 - 12%, slightly reduced the number of mortgage loans by private banks, but it is not so noticeable as in Kazakhstan. The volume of construction in Russia has not diminished. In Russia begins construction boom. Kazakhstan has been developing very rapidly build, but now because of financial constraints, many construction companies are experiencing a shortage of working capital, banks can not finance due to the outflow of capital and to pay its debts. That is, in Kazakhstan the situation is more than serious....
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