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new article passengers scandal - 1 Abishova Abishova Akerke...

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1 Abishova Abishova Akerke Askar Aitzhanovich Finance 202 12 November 2010 Cheating passengers at the airport October 11, 2010, 10:58 Millions of passengers flying through the London airport Gatwick, were forced to overpay for luggage from the fact that the scales of check-in desks were broken. For excess baggage this year alone Britain paid 270 million pounds. Experts suggest that some of this money was collected illegally. The scandal broke in Britain, the center of which was the second (after Heathrow), London's largest airport - Gatwick. British government experts of the Institute of Trading Standards showed that airport employees lied to the passengers, forcing them to pay extra for overweight luggage. Writes Daily Telegraph, consumer advocates have been tested all 330 scales at the check-in desks in North and South terminals of the terminal building - 75 scales were faulty. As it turned out, the precision measuring devices, no one monitored since 2007. "Because of faulty weights 75, 39% were errors that led to an increase in weight of luggage, which passengers were forced to pay for overweight" - said in the statement of experts. The most
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new article passengers scandal - 1 Abishova Abishova Akerke...

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