Reflection on developing listening skills

Reflection on developing listening skills - song That’s...

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Abishova Abishova Akerke Askar Aitzhanovich Finance 202 13 October 2010 Reflection on developing listening skills I want to say that we need to understand the importance of good listening skills. If we understand the importance of listening skills development we will be able to reduce misunderstanding and evaluate the information we got. We need to practice our listening skills to understand better English native speakers. As we can see. It’s important to have good communication between us. It’s also important to anticipate what’s going to be said. I want to share with my opinion how to be more practiced in listening skills. I’m going to tell you the means of improvement of my listening skills. First of all, I usually listen to the music in English. I always try to understand what they are singing about. If I didn’t get some words or phrases I and find out the text of that
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Unformatted text preview: song. That’s my most favorite way to improve skills. Next way is to watch more films in English with subtitles. You need to watch each film several times: simply watch the whole video with subtitles, then watch individual fragments within days, at the end completely without subtitles. And thirdly have more practice in communication with native speakers or with perfect English speakers (not native). To be surrounded by people who are good in English it’s the most effective way to develop listening skills. In conclusion. I want to say that there are many ways to improve listening skills and it’s up to you which one of them you want to use. You should enjoy the way that you follow 1 Abishova and of course, you need to have a big desire and passion to learn English to get good results. So I think it’s absolutely possible to have perfect listening skills. 2...
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Reflection on developing listening skills - song That’s...

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