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Stage4 page 29 - [email protected] bcc [email protected] Mr.Izbasov Just...

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Stage4 page 29 -Good Morning, Mr. Rabayev. -Good morning. -I was thinking about offered hotels and decided to book both of them. -Ok, great, I’ll make you sure manager confirms the booking. I’ll send him an e-mail. -Good. Thank you. Glad to deal with you. Bye - Bye Writing an e-mail Subject: Booking hotels From: Mr. Rabayev the Head of corporate travel To: [email protected] cc:
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Unformatted text preview: [email protected] bcc: [email protected] Mr.Izbasov Just to confirm booking to Monarch hotel and Dorphmann hotel . Client is making arrangements for 20 senior managers to attend a team-building seminar or near Vienna, Austria. And he asked me to propose 2 hotels. I offered hotels mentioned above. They arrive next Sunday. Prepare Asian food for them and serve them in high class. Mr.Rabayev...
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