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1 Abishova Abishova Akerke Askar Aitzhanovich Finance 202 13 September 2010 Telephone conversation (page 28 Stage1) - Good morning, Universal airlines. How can I help you? - I’d like to speak to the Head of corporate travel - Who is calling? - It’s Akerke Abishova, manager of IDP’s travel - I’m putting you through. I’m afraid he’s engaged at the moment. Will you hold or shall I take a message? - I’ll leave a message please. The thing is, I’m making arrangements for 20 senior
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Unformatted text preview: managers to attend a team-building seminar or near Vienna, Austria. Most participants are American. Four European participants will be making their own travel arrangements. The seminar starts on Friday and ends on Saturday. And I ask him to propose 2 hotels for the Vienna. Could he fax me back?-Certainly. What’s you fax number ?-It’s 112 5250 5424-Ok. I’ve got that. I’ll make you sure she gets the message-Thank you for your help. Goodbye.-Bye....
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