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test article - the a an 12. Did you get ________ birthday...

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Made by: Abishova Akerke 1. They usually spend their holidays in ____ mountains. the no article a 2. Los Angeles has ____ ideal climate. no article an the 3. This is _____ best Mexican restaurant in the country. no article a the 4. I can't live on _____ 500 dollars a month. the no article a 5. Someone call _____ policeman! a the no article 6. Someone call ______police! no article the a 7. He is ______ real American hero. no article the a 8. I don't like ______dogs, but I like my brother's dog. a no article the 9. I haven't seen him in ______ five years. no article the a 10. Kobe Bryant is ______ basketball player. the a no article
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11. Did you see ________ man that I told you about?
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Unformatted text preview: the a an 12. Did you get ________ birthday card that I sent you? a the an 13. He is ________ very good friend. the a 14. We ate ________ wonderful meal yesterday. a the an 15. ________ meal that we ate yesterday was wonderful. The A An 16. I have ________ test tomorrow morning. the a an 17. Which shirt do you like? ________ blue one? The A An 18. I have three shirts - a yellow one, an orange one, and ________ black one. the a an 19. You must always tell ________ truth! a the an 20. I cannot understand how ________ person like him can become president. a the an...
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test article - the a an 12. Did you get ________ birthday...

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