Test for future forms

Test for future forms - (a I'm(b I'd(c I'll(d I've 13 I...

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Made by Abishova Akerke (finance202) Done by __________________________ Test. 1. Peter (is / is going to be) fifty next Friday. 2. Oh no! I've broken the vase. What (am I going to say / will I say)? 3. Jack (is having / will have) a dinner party next Saturday. 4. By the time you arrive, I'll (have been / be) working for two hours. 5. John hasn't eaten. - Don't worry (I will make / I am going to make) him a sandwich. 6. We'll go out for dinner when he (gets in / will get in). 7. Unless he arrives soon, we (will not go/ are not going) to the party. 8. (I will be studying / I will have studied) at 9 tomorrow evening. 9. (We will have finished / We will finish) by 9 o'clock. 10. Look at those clouds! It (is going to rain / will rain)! 11. What . ........ be doing this time tomorrow? A. were you B. did you C. have you D. will you 12. ......... go if you like because I have to do some shopping.
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Unformatted text preview: (a) I'm (b) I'd (c) I'll (d) I've 13. I . ........ simply wait until she comes back. (a) was (b) am (c) shall (d) d 14. He was quite definite about it and assured me he . ........ come. (a) will (b) shall (c) should (d) would 15. If they . ........ arrive late, they will have to get their own meal. (a) do (b) had (c) would (d) will 16. I really hope I . ........ see you again. (a) did (b) shall (c) should (d) would 17. What . ........ happen to the family if he loses all his money? (a) does (b) did (c) will (d) is 18. . ........ be buying the house or haven't you decided yet? (a) Did you (b) Have you (c) Were you (d) Will you 19. I'm sure they . ........ get married and live happily ever afterwards. (a) did (b) have (c) will (d) would 20. What do you . ........ to do when you leave school? (a) wanted (b) wanting (c) wants (d) want...
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