The role of globalization in Kazakstan

The role of globalization in Kazakstan - Also, the gains...

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Abishova Abishova Akerke Askar Aitzhanovich Finance 202 29 September 2010 The role of globalization in Kazakstan Before telling about the role of globalization for Kazakhstan I want to tell you the definition of the word “globalization”. Globalization is the process of economic, political, cultural integration and unification. And the basis consequence of it is the job specification, migration in scales of a planet. But it can play the role in Kazakhstan positively and negatively. The opinions can be different. I would like to tell the positive side first. In my opinion, Kazakhstan can be more connected with other countries because it gives the access to developed market. The technological transfer promised better productivity and thus improved standard of living.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, the gains from globalization can be sited in the economic globalization: firstly, trade in goods and services leads to good productivity; secondly, movement of capital can develop the productivity basis and the mobility of capital shows high investment potential; at last, foreign capital inflow does play and important role in the development of Kazakhstan. Also i want to tell th negative side of globalization influence. The main problem is that the ecological problem grows because productivity grows. And there is a less job for our people in Kazakhstan. So Ive told the both sides of globalization effects in Kazakhstan and finally I would like to say that globalization is a good opportunity to enter the world economy. 1...
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