hwSolution_4.4 - is a'&uind at 22So ) t4C...

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tM @ ncQ) , o,olt- t.r{t+r\ t\R t4u) = b [t (t) = Mk(l/) - ttce) - zo - (0,03,tr2-t,qtr *s+) = (tr) ttp(m) = (0,o4,2*+0,+).:s- 4 _- ll.a5 > o O Honvro*, puBt-eus \ -3,1s: o,t{ }c Q =29oo and +/* n?(w|M fd? -a BV?t t+p -4 eo (*&^'g ace l** *iCZ r'ntnea.e f*#'( & {a,z^g tu fer% s/'t i{an ur/ rdv b ft TMry ,n/, 4f ly'a_s _,W ,hc1ve.# ff{.t bl {q. *o yvdaa\ gt"* l4ern .t# decreo"c p*{.'+ L-/ {S,{ ,^thi% 6.rvotaay nl> 11 ilens *r'k ,r"t*"c f-"/+-lr dg+. @ N{R [ >ooo) = 4 5" nP hooo)'fiR nffi> -Hc(un)- Th*.4.L€ , y#'{ iE incc.*si,2 *( Ela6lo( L<. oYle-{*-d. ^4 Vqn $l! nrr,a** -l/h^ A-ggO, @ ff= {s - o,otg olentyno( C,Ut = /15 - o,oLg ee l,' #r= z^so R lrzgo) = 506Ls g ; {i- V,0() " Lz;so = L?.5 v'UYl/n4c th/ ?t-'7e- '{ &so,at{
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Unformatted text preview: is a'&amp;uind at 22So ) t4C (z.ooo) = 3,2S o{ $za,so x {p) ol P't1) = d$t *d r4nn4ro,, : oas* ?v -s?* \ooo CQ) = 6rts @ X -- l* al 4+d/',(&quot; p{al &gt; ( = pr;ae = I soo i{ 068 L,uoo-(Ea)+s r{ e,8 R.[p)= x[s) &quot;6 = { lsooP I t(r'-tr-r)4r [uno, fe' P8 ) Rk) = Usw - ts(r B. +E)f Rttg)=Ltw-loP zo fz M= E=\tq ,V pe6/s id trrs = Qr* - lEf * Onh = atooF -+{f /;^ fru a,^7a , {k lvl/hz4 Ig rmaxt^rnt\d( 7* +'rl.*7nia &quot;{ $HPo @\ A rl) Rtv) - (c7) = v.1, - (otrr) = (sVr +o),f, - (af,ot):-5q'r 4woB- 6r-S =-Sq't Jqrqq -5-wg+snq = o Q,= s411. = t4I,H v1P ttq,f f,ro^ 4l^&quot; V' b94,4 fl^{ -(t/e. #6U nev 4 PQ) ,s d . g,ol #'*' / 80 fiw )sq6 &quot; (O l&quot;\. hrryr+ p^tibA W!;( ls ? (gqq.,r)....
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This note was uploaded on 12/13/2011 for the course MATH 122 taught by Professor Kustin during the Fall '08 term at South Carolina.

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hwSolution_4.4 - is a'&amp;amp;amp;uind at 22So ) t4C...

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