lectureNotes_2.5 - i^qscfw_ mo( l"l*oir*t o Cot'l qr)=...

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Cot'l [qr) = F,'rd 0/"/^t /ar;o,Jle l"l*oir*t i^qs{ mo( vY',/?/t'tt1& o oes/ t Va,tit,r/4 psl c,z{ = ( va,.rl;r^/fu us* yer uri+) , (#{ *-,*) Ctl) =/ooo+a2 I* aw"# br"{ gomolrvues {-'s is ".+ 2rr/ hro* ^odr,(. Qil 5i*, hk, tt rr^a.c ,.rr,oZ's{. . C tn LOf t +i/y^ C.t.a^, ,xaLsh< tn^*)*, R.t\) Arw* w+ {a""u,h-" .9
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Jn 4[q" s,i+^-6,b' ( ,{ non - hi.etul aqsl a< rc(e4thz /,*,*^) i"ste'od ,I
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This note was uploaded on 12/13/2011 for the course MATH 122 taught by Professor Kustin during the Fall '08 term at South Carolina.

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lectureNotes_2.5 - i^qscfw_ mo( l&quot;l*oir*t o Cot'l qr)=...

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