lectureNotes_4.2 - fr',/',1,p, /'o, 4.) I,"/flr4,r,'...

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4.) /'o, )a'{t I,"/flr4,r,' yuinl lt t yui,,{ tnlB'e //" cQt?cQ'" * 4 .l/'" *rf I c/t tt"tXe 5 ' .lirt = o Wn L&,/e t^f, {t., ' u t5 f t nt ,J { rrl #'+o"' ,->_ lrrla.,.r. / /CttlLnl<\,./ ,(,*.^^ \^U*n"y'3' { /t ) < o l,,.po4 ,u,. l'i*l , o /o tn'l fr', //',1,p,, Jl^t. o then !^rg,, ir', o(d"e'r 'lt (\"A W Or^e o,'tlY neas( fu r'n rrs4"3u4e et I'fyl =C. 0bs*r"+o^'. a+t'e* if l WL, r*{ a^\ Exanyl" ' jl x=y rt.n. €. (lzrt i"N(eot'o" t'irl = o J+ 0u/,/ h*fir*" intAeoSo^ g\n* tl frx) xt1 ,{'t*; x3 -f irt " t2xZ f,'/o1 g lare,ter A, {k\ te (/)nruve tf €v4<in/he.ru "//t,p( Iut Q)n('o,ae \ / dtun I ,^fforw) ,' ,, t& c-{ it,' 7o i n '1 s "{ ( "; 4n u"h ,t;/t 'e /'i/ d. r,. o, f'let' o l-f x' ,s
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f,irl,,,r ,// i,/A,*o^ Toin*: I #',ut ,rt 1ui,r* ./*" /[^, o/,,,., t) ,/"'^"t ,Ji' ,yri,k -tr"n /'lrl
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lectureNotes_4.2 - fr',/',1,p, /'o, 4.) I,&quot;/flr4,r,'...

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