lectureNotes_5.5 - @ y T/t, ,r/rrol"'meo,1a,l...

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@ El T/t, ,r/rrol"'meo,1a,l y'lernu", ,/ */*l"t Swypon FH /6 unLnoun 'rb us /"/- rc l^zn {/e ,nh, F@) 0*/ +/c /a/,>/14|€ f 14 fu a.ete b. Cr^ ,/c (tcorq f /r1 ,7 l'/h'a.t ts f/b) *f*t /" 7 I ra*,p/o: - ftilis F(s) = 3 d"rtU a."ol hlt kfto/ryll 5s x=5,5. lu{ r f'tx) 5t0tEn$ -i.-1,+U.-<t-,v F(s)=3 (rc)' (s)+ f'/s). s F( ts) = F(to) t F'po\.s , F(an) F(ts) r Ftfts).9; = /t)+ t/E).5+ F?ro). € f(s\t F'/s).5+ r'fto).f t ths),s 25 I Fio t, I Flzs) = Flto) t r'aa).F = trls)+ ,F/s).g, r'tro).f t ffrc).tu F2ed.r ,u /r-#-t"./ ror- k r'r*) * fE)*
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@ , 4 f'O ,i con*naous /* a< ls b &a,, l F(b), F/a) + !r,o/r a. sc qa i ,"h /& J ( J Fllild( = Ftu) _ F/a) & frtt?n'ho'' tr/ cry,) is /z ra/ /aoriou r/o" Cta) is tle /|rd asl, Citl is #e -er1io,r/ tosl "ro,o( (T'il *r 4oo,*)__ f n,y *u I
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lectureNotes_5.5 - @ y T/t, ,r/rrol&quot;'meo,1a,l...

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