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Discrete Data antl Rcgression on the'fI 82/83 DATA LISTS In order to plot discrete data and to do rcgression, rvc first nced to enter thc data into !ists rvhich can latcr bc refencd (o by the names Lt, Lz, ...,k. To do this Press [SArl. Make sure rhe u'ord ffi is highrigrrred at rhe rop of rhe dispray. Select l: Edit. You rvill scc a tablc ryith Lt, Lz, Lt at the top. Entcr rhe independent variable data into Lt, and the dcpe ndent variable data into Lz. Note: 'flrc [DEfl kcy will crasc rhc highlighrcd cnrry from $c lirt .STATPLOTS: To plot discrete data, u'e nerd tosclcct tlggp" of plot rvc want. To plot Lr against L2 , Press STATPLOT, rvhich is La:l IY=l . Youwill sec t:Ptoll, 2:Pha and 3:PloB. Select one. You S!!$"Alist of options you can set for tlre plot. Use the arrow keys to highlight ffi. Press lEl'lTE$ There are six typcs of gEpfu. Select the
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