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lectureNotes_3.1 - c Au|,i r Btr1'n C0>y Yo $.J'=O tro't fr...

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c Au|,i" r Btr1.!'n C0>y -. fr*) * @ Yo- $.J'=O - tro't A,tno+c bec.r^4. -i !.gt f8)y"* 6fr) "g'* (u),3 = o * law scraud'-r,ra6n h),un* I/ &t/s t's /rcf O ,:;/l'- a7n+4)" )E cu.Ltot/ )tot/totttcS?tl'-tg'"L @ fttt - x3t l st = si,rx d- vtontlto,-,tog,tterca5 krg't x{/t5J: C e lt$,t,oyr1€aa.t @[ . J^ Jt.e cr.1{€*{ ,4 $*t -or4Bt atll/z'u,+J QfuuA'o,t> l4* +t",n -/' ,, \*o ftb.t,ows" t,lL. used wiJlo wwy/eb4 /'f/**' t fyL?tl/vhl16" ' {f J,{x) oucl Jr(v) &re 1r, s-odu"6 a t,s t !" t p(*l slt Xtr) r = Q 0, !, tr\ t CrI.(x) iE *&" c\ Sdr-{r'o^ { /*" ,*o, edtzs-tih t ts C, , e) - fuLsJ 40 gnft
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[email protected] \t' tosr tn-d si,rx ov! *Ll.r'orts 5o 3cosy - {st'rtx ir. {oca t twL:t q c*x it t c&o c\ (rS ntx ( 5't+! = o tu{*('b-,-, . t5 at rdr&at, f r;t'l^" ,A ,,r;f r S,uFl"n La{t"h yt nCIt{,i on &ar nryt ln'lo"n* \ ," r ptx\ *, * ttrc) s = .{r*\ I :rt"A = Jo \u'tr\= rr *tulr', 4s is*s \1^gt= (r"{e ?* lr"t j ; o \sro\ = t I r'101 = 5 Lt*rrirr, "lk,; cgsx "^/ Et,'tx u.{y t*/) r|ur" A t^c [m* *tu+ Yf.t) = eUsx t CzstnA t's t\ sa(n1.. e^ (i,^ ". $\"ot e, & cz €o lu"* -$- i"t-tSo,{- wrdi$.o.r"s .'{r )rr*h *Ld 7 C.Srrrx - Q"l+Q"O=t ., Q=2 +CTtASk -+2 -q.0 rCa.{=5 ) Cz=S Stxi = 2[esxtSstnx /s 1/n h/))?,Ltz t/.^/''a*" _Jk1 =q(ssv I gi(x) - - Qs',x + se d, W qwv *t*/, 4:r" rlt*t so/u"h't"zs ) Stt:x o "' Nu V hle slu'r, (ra,sx *;"4 flxt
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