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lectureNotes_3.6 - ft= o Mr&" 4 k'mooL o sinru D e ^...

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hX"+ CNt + L* = tr*(| l,trA*N ,Y kel C =A F,4 /+):*- asrz%t6bz>. [n-o d*'APf) 6 a*s c.t( t E !r-l x" n Lx : e bsu+ s;4u1i a, aJ lto,t t2r,"t "*u lnfL+ lc = O .rz lc \ : --h,\ {,,. = a ffi', uz's4 ? l/5lt"a6 *t/z aa w"'- o(ici{ z ;/(tnE b',1 no{ 'tn -l/'' ex'/c''n a'( /*-zc's /tL.# J M ec:: ,Q ah 5" bt;+ ', 9r\r ar * ', qArarN{. (\ I X [.t). (,r, Les aL,'l t crsia c.:a{ I t")o is o,,/d"/ 'ftvbn/ trv f t^2,, tt r ;l 6 * e,> ,l.t*" k=ftasottt\shut ki = - Aosnc"l + fiuc'ss"JT Kl = - fitsaoesutt - Butsmat{ (k * mame,N ft)K yX* ,/,'-t e,.,-,t .-, ) rn C Aa2os,nt - !i's,n'n) * c (- A.^;s; u't * Swrosu*)+ L(AorrlrSsinu*)= 6cr:v,st -Atnol" + Beto *AL = Fo -bm;oL -flc,^r t 3L --o rrc. I o'L-m*')+ Ec'o = E I Bttr-n,oz)- Aco =O
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Ha^,,e" , g A ct" )c- tnrol l\ c- A [L--,J) t it"*( rt N [-'"J* R(t (tr-rtr-?) t'') = - )n ara) E (t - --') B= Ec" (t-*ml. u'o( B= O bovn*A in K"t uix = P cost*t Vtq = + ({casr,r;f r B<inr,+) (L- F {"r')'t ct . 9"'{ I Ti,,., C =-O tVlr^gl
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Unformatted text preview: ft= o Mr&" 4* k'mooL + o sinru D + e , ^ ( R.tonr.^,.) o tI &)=&)e 1C ^ ,c) l<-' 2m lDz rvtu) -- -A i. sin A( ' z'filtJv u^o( 5c * F) usu* X l"{^ = e\ LeS 6"-t t C.Sir, rcJ + \{4 vtttLtrri +",,r1<'1+rrr4" "+. {x) r,i.s.$ io.' @ h1=lrk=9t f,=*C /-.S X Lo)= Xt[o) = tr X"* ?* = \2aosg{ Xto) = c> x'1o1 = o I,t. '!*n d I*,tA osd%sAen*: A F*tk)= E bscr( vnKrtt CXtt [x =E Losc;* Fw''^" -{l- oubu'L**l n: in .+{* Uhda, c*se i ( trt c+o) xsF\= (1.- ^r)1 8,,,' = e @s (wt-_rL\ , u9s Lo+ t rbt d is srol in uslru'n +,:k r-/ins E ,;_ , {it ud ____' ll,- ndf t clnz n t//t"n c=6 z-{a.J, = Cts L- n*' oncliru,( wwn*n rc O(ccttg This rnurJ nr4 ArW^ g<nc{i tat $e}q}ru,rl {,& Ut^.d C0") /'s w,ixi,r,;v( C fu) pr,4s1 lc decv-aui7 /,b4, L(a) "//ra/ ,y is u^/wtss e>o '//*.^ trh'irr''k P 6AC{i{"^f rtEotmt(N * X't+2xt+ ZGx:f,/rrrsotl Itrnj: @l \,tr,tS...
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lectureNotes_3.6 - ft= o Mr&" 4 k'mooL o sinru D e ^...

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