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1. Math 242, Spring zOLl (10 points) Find a function y(r) Quiz 2 Name:.€.€.4.?.{.P.4, satisfying the initial value problem: I v'@) : 4*"a - a I Y(t) : -3 5'= ,Y' : 5 r (1v'-t) \xt* I = lhr'- r ilv lr X''X + CI r\- r+ Ct ^y\_xtct :v er'-', oc' lz'-t- C "l -X ce" iri+iJ
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Unformatted text preview: wr,rt1','o-, .{ r-t = C.g o =Ce =b 5 $o' (dt )Y f,^ Itr 0*ts t e, l:t lgt --tu;\ *Le | -r I 5 L ; ls i = 'aex\ -* 5rr* Jrre) ; w^h'n p o't't4 &ral 3 fr ) = *{* uA""ha six\ m/c;t bo '1.a(oJr'rra .-5 t 5. l5 I...
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