quiz4_Solution - 2y2 xy I 2 Math 242 Spring?OLL 1(10 points...

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6rrk#'+*1. ' v'r,. +/z = fu& +/ uf nL f'- h ixlz+c -r ) j &.1x')* c ttg'% {t l, il-''n{ @n-ol,,t'h'rn', * h*-g*ro* Euu,hn I z Vx g' #'dn, zS *drt Sr* 5(K\' ffi Qttiz 4 Name:. .f,C+.UIl.qM. .. satisfying the initial value problem:
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Unformatted text preview: : 2y2+xy I 2 Math 242, Spring ?OLL 1. (10 points) Find a function y(z) f *'v' I v(t) xt{t = 5t= 2rt?+xx t*Ie ^G5. (;) i-(" v J {-- ? _t v ' ?-t"kl +C ) I hk'\, c-t L-L IL t L=7 L \rt *C...
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