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Math 242, Spring }OIL Quiz 7 1. (10 points) Suppose that a car starts from rest, its engine providing an acceleration of L0 f t f s2 , while air resistance provides a deceleration of (0.025)u2 ftl"'when the car's velocity is u feet per second. Find the car's maximum possible (limiting) velocity. Hint: You may find the following integration formula useful: I#r:*"l\l.' ,j'dl+ \ V\ *)+l^ '"$du.l P"tlt'h'n^ r/ do) = o . {erL" e*v{s+.*- *'r+) -- *t Cr = ! r/+, 4A d," t \ \
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Unformatted text preview: t 'l,O\ I 't -\v -ap I gg,\ffi\ - a*tCr = c^gt ,w& sr'^.) LA - 0,02svl. il,= lO ,l,t: r/ ) w(ro -o,ozsv) W: -L h "*e I vt a,o l-I v-a'o-= *t c' C.t= -l 9'nn cr€G2o ('" *tlt, u+b m*gf, ' v-29 , f.,si 41t. k ak + ', "N w&r6/e k o'#+ ' \ tlke*) -vtrc t" ^+ _U v+ ?-o = - g*v * 2rt€* ) RPed-pA N {r- t/ur\ 2,O (r - o\ V= l,o(et- t\ ef,t I "' V' = (engtne,s Lrcd;vurl"bl"\ (un rtsisla,,ce ,[email protected]/e'ta"h;) V ( : t0 0,029 vL LQ - A,AzSvL V -l,D (r* Yo.) \*O...
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