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quiz9_Solution - eK €xpn € x exfttt XZEX ex(x\2x ll...

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Math 242, Spring }OLL Quiz 9 Name:.{?+!4f!.?( ..... 1. (10 points) Determine whether the functions e', re', and 12e' are linearly independent. Show all your work. iaf *n"tb'*, = tJ (er, y{ ex xeY
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Unformatted text preview: eK €xpn) € x exfttt) XZEX \ ex(x\2x) ll €Y (xt+trtL\ | ,txere*) = g>' U X e'x tx Le'" z-x XE 2xex (4 xrlel = ex. lr'fuxr7)gx -e'r (4v+l -q*) : Ae3* +o (lh^*U i,d,ege"&,*1...
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