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Math 242, Spring }OLL Quiz 11 Name:.19.4a*{!.q4. ... 1. (10 points) For the given nonhomogeneous equation, set up the appropri- ate form of a particular solutiorr ap but DO NOT determine the values of the coefficients: g(u) + 2A,,, + U, : rcosr * 1 f5+"{f,-*C=o s(cr+2,.rztD=o c[$rrf =O Cr= O \,r,,,,g = li gc\& "try"|-d fivi,.e , buc^t,rX-
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Unformatted text preview: Wt Ung"iwt /5-A x* 11" [w'nog*'e"o> a gs/*(l'u' ea/'illi;" qo'rth/or sr{"d* t,ovstS6c,'.61n'b {c t f"rSc.^{o"r soh4r,^ tArw4f'*#T S Xcosx Co^bin;,7 bdd. . I" ( (c . D4 oss x + (r, rr) si, t) L fucwse 0a5x ) gin x ) x€esx , xstnk tL{t. €{t"ll,vns r{ 1L bawo6(ue.aus ef/4L4h 5" = C, + (c^* cr^)si n x r (c,.,+kx)eax...
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