Fall2007Exam2ANSWERKEY - STAT 205 Name: Fall 2007 Exam 2...

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STAT 205 Name: ____ANSWER KEY ___ Fall 2007 Exam 2
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Part I: Answer eight of the following nine questions. If you complete more than eight, I will grade only the first eight. Five points each. 1) State the definition of a P-value. The P-value of a test is the probability under H 0 , of observing a test statistic as extreme or more in the direction of HA as that actually observed. 2) For a 95% confidence interval for the population mean, μ , how is the length of the interval related to margin of error? The length of the interval is 2 x MOE. 3) A certain drug causes drowsiness in 20% of patients. Suppose the drug is to be given to 5 randomly chosen patients. Let p represent the proportion of patients in the sample who experience drowsiness. Find Pr{ p 1}. Pr{ p 1} = Pr{ p =0/5}+Pr{ p =1/5}+Pr{ p =2/5}+Pr{ p =3/5}+Pr{ p =4/5}+Pr{ p =5/5} = 1 since we’re summing over the probabilities of all events in the sample space 4) (Circle the correct answer) A study of the effect of transdermal estradiol on postmenopausal women was conducted. Plasma levels of plasminogen-activator inhibitor type 1 (PA-1) were measured for 20 women before and after being administered transdermal estradiol. We would use the independent / dependent (paired) samples method in order to conduct a test of hypothesis for the difference between the mean PA-1 levels of these two populations. 5)
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Fall2007Exam2ANSWERKEY - STAT 205 Name: Fall 2007 Exam 2...

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