IMG_0004 - notation and graph it. fl2k - 42= 6(5r - 6)...

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Class lVork 13 MAT 0024 Find the slope of the line. 7)4Y=-7+5x \ I Decide whether or not theordered pair is a solution of the system. \ ' Y - \/ = ) - ^l-L Graph the line. +; Through (-2, -1), m = 3. , Solve the inequality. lVrite the solution set in interval
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Unformatted text preview: notation and graph it. fl2k - 42= 6(5r - 6) Solve the system by graphing. $x-Y=4 2x+Y=$ ir_ I Li 1- * i-+ ;i:i i"-iT-i-.*i*---i---!-" ilii i,iil i--1---i-r-_ I i ----.,-+---i-----i ri:ll...
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