IMG_0005 - 1 2)''?x+y=4 ':-' 5) The length-of ajeetangrrkg...

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Class work 11 MAT 0024 Find the intercepts. . 1)-2xry=4 Graph the linear equation. (Use at least 3 points) :: Solve the problem. 4) Victor Gil runs a ski train. One day he noticed that the train contained 13 more women than men. If there were a total of 1,65 people on the trairy how many of them lrgllUog.9l? ..,. -=. : i ..-
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Unformatted text preview: 1 2)''?x+y=4 ':-' 5) The length-of ajeetangrrkg #ldisJ2_ feet more than twice its widt{r. ff-the-perimeter of the yard is 276 {eet, f?t-d , .",. j,,r} the width. l-t -: -: Q- - ,. Craph the linear equation. /, :-*-l---]- * i-- !- i ii! riii . -1-**- -i--1-- r -r**-r"*.--. -i"-:ill 3) y:"? =...
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