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GRA1113C/ GRAPHIC DESIGN 2 MiaMi DaDe College • KenDall CaMpus • sChool of entertainMent anD Design teChnology • spring 2010 (2009-2) page 1 ASSIGNMENT Find 5 samples of poorly designed logos. We will select one, the worst offender,for you to redesign. When looking for poorly designed logos, find those that fail to meet the criteria of good brandmarks and identities discussed in class. Ask yourself: Is the logo appropriate? Bold? Memorable? Immediately recognizable? Does it communicate the entity’s persona? Is it unique? Is it enduring? Is it versatile? REQUIREMENTS Write a design brief that answers the objectives discussed in class (due 2/2/2010). Research and conceptualize what would be needed to successfully accomplish the task. Design a logo appropriate to your entity. The logo must be a combination of a WORDMARK and a PICTORAL MARK. You must do a minimum of 40 thumbnail sketches. 10 sketches must focus on LINES as a primary element 10 sketches must focus on SHAPES as a primary element
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