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GRA1113C/ GRAPHIC DESIGN 2 MiaMi DaDe College • KenDall CaMpus • sChool of entertainMent anD Design teChnology • spring 2010 (2009-2) page 1 Having developed a brandmark, it is now crucial to develop a visual identity. In the coming project, you will be asked to test your brandmark in dierent media to establish the brand’s visual identity. ASSIGNMENT You are to develop a exible graphic system for print, web, and environmental applications of the brandmark. This will culminate in a design standards manual for your brand. REQUIREMENTS 1. You must write out the objectives for your design. Research and conceptualize what would be needed to successfully accomplish the task. 2. You will do a minimum of 30 sketches for the overall structure to be used in the graphic system. Once this structure and hierarchy has been agreed upon, you may due subtle variations in each piece. 3. You must develop a visual hierarchy that has as its primary focus the visual, the secondary focus must be the company’s
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