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GRA1113C/ GRAPHIC DESIGN 2 MiaMi DaDe College • KenDall CaMpus • sChool of entertainMent anD Design teChnology • spring 2010 (2009-2) page 1 A book cover and jacket is an editorial and informational piece meant to intrigue and lure a viewer about and into a book. You will be expected to put together, in a creative and efficient way, a cohesive body of work that reflects the ideas of the various marks discussed in class, the idea of branding, visual hierarchy, unity across different pieces, and semiotics. ASSIGNMENT A book publisher has asked you to develop a book cover and jacket for a book by a famous author (you will be assigned an author). The format and size of the book is up to you. You will also design the logo of the book publisher. REQUIREMENTS 1. Find the most famous book/story by your author. Look for items in the story that may be used as powerful images. 2. You will do a minimum of 20 thumbnail sketches for your book jacket layout.
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