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Photoretouching Establishing a workflow 1. Check the Image Dimensions (resolution) a. Use a high-resolution as high-res images provide the detail necessary for proper photo- retouching b. Proper resolutions must be capture from the get-go. DO NOT ADD RESOLUTION IN PHOTOSHOP. c. Resolutions: i. Photo printing - 212 ppi, 300 ppi, 360 ppi ii. Internet – 72 ppi – 96 ppi iii. Offset printing (safe number 300 ppi) 1. Newsprint – 159 ppi – 212 ppi 2. Magazine – 266 ppi – 288 ppi 3. Art book – 400 ppi iv. Resampling- process of adding or deleting pixels from an image 1. Turn off to properly change the image resolution without adding or deleting info d. Use Image>Image Size in Photoshop to analyze dimensions 2. Color depth: 16 bit for color correction a. Standards: i. 8 bits per channel (24 bit image – 16 million colors) ii. 16 bits per channel (48 bit image – 400 million colors) iii. 32 bits per channel (96 bit image – billions of colors) 3. Color model- color interpreter a. RGB – onscreen uses (internet, presentations, etc…) i. Retouch in RGB as much as possible b. CMYK- offset print work 4. File format- a. Digital cameras - shoot images in RAW or TIFF (lossless compression). Try to avoid JPEG (lossy compression). b. Scanners – use TIFF i. Scanning formula: 1. Output resolution X Scaling = Scanning Res 2. 300 ppi X 3 = 900 spi 5. Setup proper Photoshop color settings a. Photshop’s Color management system b. PC: Edit>Color Settings c. Mac: Photoshop>Color Settings) d. Under Settings, select North America Prepress 2 for printwork 6. Work on a copy of the original
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a. Image>Duplicate b. File>Save As (save as a copy) 7. Analyze the image. Markup all areas that need retouching on a separate layer.
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photoretouching_classnotes - Photoretouching Establishing a...

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