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Abnormal Psych Exam #2 General Notes/Definitions - Triangling : (love triangle) used in Structural Family Therapy; in any single two-person system, when there is stress applied, a third person is drawn in to detour the stress. Suppose you have a conflict with a coworker (let's call him Mike). Because the two of you can't reach an agreement, anxiety builds up. You decide to draw in a third coworker (let's call her Mary) to get her "on your side" and relieve your anxiety. You have created a triangle: you and Mary against Mike. - Fundamental Principle for Understanding People: people are not logical but psychological. If we allow ourselves to want something and we don’t get it, we feel Abandoned, Betrayed and Thrown Out. The more we expect, the more upset we are when the opposite party doesn’t perform. - Repetition compulsion : psychological phenomenon in which a person repeats a traumatic event or its circumstances over and over again (in donna–garry/dolls) positive aspect -> our unconscious wants to create an opportunity to solve an old problem solution (way to stop repetition compulsion) -> grieving the original loss of love - Defenses: mechanisms that try to protect us from being hurt. However, they fail in doing so b/c they defeat the purpose of getting close to someone else. -When people give up their defenses, they find much resentment and pain coming up. - Qualities of a Successful Therapist: gentle, understanding, accepting, genuine, warm, and empathetic; same qualities of loving people - Psychogenetic: of or relating to the psychological cause of a disorder; psychogenetic: of or relating to the psychological cause of a disorder; Originating in the mind or in mental or emotional processes; having a psychological rather than a physiological origin (see Selected Cases, pg. 158) -Mercantile Mentality: opposite of love; selfish defense against being hurt b/c we have been hurt; we pursue control, success, and the good
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opinion of other; leads to misery - Love-Loss of Love Dynamic: Unity holds that Paradise is Unity with love (or god, or most accurate, Ultimate reality); separation from love causes suffering, and total separation is Hell. -can’t look at individual relationships in family, have to look at all relationships in the family system -“non-love” gives us more predictability than love -we defend against feelings by using other feelings. -power & domination = the opposite of love; can be used as an emotion to defend against love - the mystics say that awareness and love are the same mystery. -rule of thumb/key to understanding depression is…look for some loss of love (could regard failure, relationships, or loss of self regard) -We cut ourselves off from our capacity to love…when we don't take the risk of loving. -Loss of Love occurs when people fail you & sadness is passed onto
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StudyGuideExamII - Abnormal Psych Exam#2 General...

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