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response paper - slavery - Ananth Bulusu As a citizen of...

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Ananth Bulusu 8/29/2011 As a citizen of the United States of America, I am directly affected today by the former practice of slavery in this country. Due to slavery, the racial hierarchy in America is clear, with whites at the top, blacks at the bottom, and the rest thrown in the aptly titled “melting pot.”Any given American has different inherent benefits or disadvantages which stem from their race, which leads to a country in which a person’s social and economical position often times can be predicted by racial identity. Slavery in America led to whites becoming the “masters” of the country to this day. The beliefs of white Americans are relayed to the rest through the media. The majority of political positions in this country are held by whites. On the other hand the majority of our population that lives below the poverty line is black. As other groups came to this country, they were normally relegated to inferior positions in society to whites. America was built through the power of slave labor, and due to its long tenured existence, slavery still affects our countries social and political norms today. My parents arrived in New York, from India, in the fall of 1986, my father having acquired a job with an information technology company. Two years later he got a job with SWIFT, a telecommunications company, and my parents moved to rural Culpeper, Virginia, where my two brothers and I were born. In school, almost all of my peers were white, as my parents put my brothers and me in a Lutheran private school called St. Lukes Lutheran School,
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response paper - slavery - Ananth Bulusu As a citizen of...

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