At the age of eleven

At the age of eleven - At the age of eleven Einstein went...

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Unformatted text preview: At the age of eleven, Einstein went through an intense but brief religious phase in which he observed the kosher dietary laws, read the Bible avidly, and composed short hymns to the glory of God. However, midway through his preparation to become a Bar Mitzvah, he became disillusioned with his faith as a result of his growing scientific awareness. By the time he turned thirteen, he had come to resent organized religion and all forms of dogmatic instruction. In 1893, Einstein's father and uncle sold their business and moved south to Italy. They planned for the boy to remain in a boarding house in Munich to complete his education in the gymnasium before joining his family in Pavia. However, after six more unhappy months at school, Einstein persuaded a doctor to write him an official note diagnosing him with "neurasthenic exhaustion." This provided him with an excuse for leaving school him with "neurasthenic exhaustion....
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