In July of 1909

In July of 1909 - In July of 1909, Einstein resigned from...

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Unformatted text preview: In July of 1909, Einstein resigned from the patent office and began to work full-time as a theoretical professor at the University of Zuriich. His position was that of "professor extraordinarius," which was a step up from privatdozent but still not a tenured position at the top of the academic echelons; extraordinarius professors still had to teach several hours a week and supervise PhD students. Although Einstein enjoyed these activities, he resented having to spend so much time away from his own research. Only the position of professor ordinarius would free him to devote himself fully to his theories. Einstein was offered such a position that same year by the University of Prague. In Prague, Einstein and Mileva enjoyed a higher standard of living, but their relationship became increasingly tense: Mileva was unhappy with the move because she felt like an...
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